What People Are Saying...

N. Jean Baptiste

"I AM SOOOOOOO LOVING MY CANDLES!!!! The Caramel Corn is definitely my favorite! It smells so amazing when I light it and it leaves the room smelling great after I blow it out. I have also noticed the huge difference when blowing out my Marcish candle versus other candle brands; there is no smokey weird smell afterwards like other candle brands once the wick is extinguished. My husband loves the candle scents I selected which has made our home smell wonderful and bring a more relaxed atmosphere. I will be purchasing more candles soon for friends (for Thanksgiving gifts) and of course more for our home as well. I'm looking forward to exploring more scents from your fall line...and hope theirs a Christmas line coming soon!"

J. Lee Cofresi

"I'm in love with my new Soy Caramel Corn Marcish candle. It's such a soothing smell, reminds me of fall. They are handmade and biodegradable. Burns clean."

K. Wright

"Loving my Jamaica Me Crazy candle!! Smells sooo good!"